Skin Clinic


Our facials are very popular. We treat the skin comprehensively using exclusively Dr. Belter products. We pride ourselves in giving a good balance of attaining the best results with top performing products and methods combined with the right balance of relaxation.

Indulgence glow

This specialist skin peel treatment combines a unique blend of natural fruit acids from citrus, bilberry, maple and sugar cane. This treatment immediately reveals younger more radiant looking skin. It is effective on prematurely aged skin, large pores with flat scars, skin suffering from acne or blackheads, sun damaged or blemished skin. With regular use you may expect to see visibly refined skin with accelerated skin regeneration. We will combine this specialist treatment with one of our signature facials below to meet your individual needs and will discuss this during Consultation.

Indulgence Signature facials:


We have a wealth of specialist products for anti-ageing including ampoules, actives, serums, masks and specialist moisturisers. Our treatments can be adapted to smooth wrinkles, improve collagen and elastin within the skin for a firmer finish, reduce pigmentation, rejuvenation and regeneration for a more youthful appearance. How we effectively treat your skin will be considered and discussed at the consultation stage prior to treatment. We will tailor your facial and homecare to specifically suit your skin needs.

Indulgence deluxe Collagen facial: £60.00

A luxury treatment incorporating the best anti-ageing products tailored to your individual skin needs. This exceptional treatment includes a special anti ageing massage followed by a pure collagen mask with effective anti ageing effect. Your skin will feel smooth and firm with results that will be seen and felt for subsequent days.

Specialist Lifting facial £55.00

An effective lifting treatment comprising of the very best anti-ageing products to tone and lift the skin. We may incorporate a specialist lifting essence to complement our lifting massage techniques. The amazing part of the treatment is the peel off mask which creates an occlusive effect to lock hydration in the skin, creating a visible improvement.


If wrinkles are a real concern we can arrange anti wrinkle injections using Azzalure, a muscle relaxing ingredient to soften the lines. These are effective on the frown lines and smile lines around the eyes and the effects last for around 3-4 months. We offer a free consultation to discuss whether this is a suitable treatment for you. Should you wish to proceed with the treatment then results will be seen in a week. We will arrange a follow up top up appointment (no extra charge) after 2 weeks to check that you are happy with the results. At this point if a top up is required to improve the result this will be administered.

One area £80.00

Two areas £145.00

Three areas £175.00


Indulgence classic facial £45.00 – £50.00

A completely tailored facial adapted to improve your individual skin needs. We have the potential to improve virtually every skin type and condition. We can focus on anti-ageing, problem skin treatments, pigmentation, delicate care for hypersensitivity or allergies, redness, open pores and combination skin types. A focussed treatment incorporating massage, ampoule, active concentrates when required and cream masks. We will do what it takes to make you feel better within your skin!

Problem skin facial treatment £35.00

Whether you are young/ mature or hormonal at any age it is possible to suffer oily and problematic skin. This can often have an effect on your confidence and self esteem. In many cases we are able to improve the skin using oil free anti bacterial natural products to clear the skin. We offer a short, targeted treatments combined with homecare recommendation to improve the skin’s natural acid mantle and overall appearance.

Teenage facial treatment £30.00

A short targeted skin treatment to maintain the skin in its optimum condition and encourage clearer skin. For greater effectiveness we will recommend skin care products to use between facial treatments.