This is one of our best selling range of treatments because it improves the body and mind both physiologically and psychologically.

Foot & leg massage: £12.00

Let us ease away the pressure of constant use and aching feet with a massage of the feet and legs. A perfect treatment for expectant Mum’s or for those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Face & Scalp massage: £18.00

Do you regularly suffer headaches through tight facial and scalp muscles? We will effectively relax and scalp and release any tension in the scalp. This short treatment is lovely on its own or it can be added to our back, neck and shoulder massage for an extended treatment.

Back, neck and shoulder massage: £26.00

Our most popular massage because it aims to release the tension held in the neck and shoulders as well as relaxing our centre of gravity in the lower back. You will feel more mobile, relaxed and refreshed after this treatment.

Full body massage: £45.00

This is almost an hour long experience of a full body massage for the ultimate relaxation and release of tension.

Hot Stone back massage: £30.00

A luxury treatment on the back, neck and shoulders using hot, smooth, basalt stones to massage away any tension in these areas. The heat of the stones speeds up the muscles ability to relax giving a sense of wellbeing.

Hot Stone full body massage: £49.00

A luxury massage from head to toe using hot, smooth basalt stones to ease away any tension leaving you totally relaxed, refreshed with a sense of wellbeing.

Indian Head Massage: £35.00

This wonderful treatment follows the traditional method of Indian Head Massage. It is performed in a chair and can be carried out with the client either fully clothed or alternatively with a modesty wrap. A range of massage techniques are carried out on the head, face, neck, shoulders and arms. It concludes with colour therapy which enables the client to completely relax the body and mind.

Total body condition: £45.00

This feel good treatment begins with a full body exfoliation treatment followed by massage and conditioning mask. While the mask absorbs into the skin we will complete a pressure point massage of the face and gentle massage of the scalp to release any tension. Treatment will complete with a full body moisturise leaving the skin in tip top condition.